We at Riot Planes are a manufacturer of inexpensive, fun model aircraft kits.

                                  Please be patient while we build this site.

                                  Designed for easy and quick assembly, our kits are made from extruded polystyrene sheet.
                                  This material is much stiffer than EPS, but not as brittle as Depron.

                                  Truly the perfect material as it is stiff, but can bounce back from minor mishaps.


  Our models include:

The Sea Monkey-
The worlds only production slow fly seaplane!


The YAK 54 and Extra 300-

35 inch span and 9 ounce weight equal 3D performance.

We also sell-


Power connectors

You can call us toll free at (866) 922-9477 from 9 to 6 eastern, Monday-Friday.